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About AVC Slovakia

The development of A>V>C> programs is based on 25 years of experience in engineering and managing a team of designers.
A>V>C> plugins do not have a narrow specialization, they are not a complex industry solution. They were not created only for the exhibition or furniture business, although it was in these areas that they found the widest application. A>V>C> plugins arose from the need to eliminate the routine, speed up the work, eliminate the "human factor" errors. Most of the functions work only with solid 3D models, but there are also commands for working with flat 2D-contours and with any blocks. A>V>C> programs will not force you to relearn, to work differently than you are used to. They allow you to stay within the familiar AutoCAD interface, avoid pop-up windows, unnecessary requests. Their goal is not to turn AutoCAD into another program, but to supplement it with small, simple and useful features.
Today, more than a thousand engineers from all over the world use A>V>C> plugins every day. Most users are in the USA, Germany, Great Britain, Ukraine. But there are users all over the world, even in Brazil, South Africa, Indonesia and Palestine... Hundreds of small companies and large companies like Impact XM. A>V>C> plugins  have been included in the curriculum at a couple of furniture colleges in Germany.
On this site you can find descriptions of all A>V>C> programs, all plugins for AutoCAD and BricsCAD.

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