About the creators of CADSOMA

We are a company with more than 25 years of experience in the CAD market and have been one of the largest partners of a CAD platform manufacturer for more than 15 years. In Germany, we maintain contacts with over 150 application developers from a wide variety of trades and we ourselves have been developing our own application from the MSR area for more than 20 years.

The team is well aware of the hurdles and efforts involved in making their own application known and accessible on the market - this is one of the reasons why MERViSOFT wants to make CADSOMA available to all developers around the world and make it known to end users on the market.

Users will be able to find the full range of applications from a wide variety of industries at CADSOMA.com and optimize their own CAD workflow. The reasons for launching the new marketplace are many and varied, as Dirk Redmer, Managing Director of MERViSOFT, says: "CAD occupies a special position within the software industry:

In most cases, the actual CAD software only serves as a basis on which industry-specific plug-ins or applications then run."

And the market for such industry solutions is often not so easy to survey. Numerous small providers develop solutions, some of them very specialized. These, in turn, can often only be found on the platforms of the manufacturers of the respective CAD basic software.

"In the future, users will find exactly the application they are looking for on CADSOMA," says Redmer, explaining the concept, "regardless of which CAD platform is used." In addition to CAD software, it will also be possible to offer services on CADSOMA, for example training and support but also hardware.

The team at MERViSOFT GmbH is all the more pleased to be able to provide an independent APP store for the CAD market.

CADSOMA - A platform for everyone in the CAD market.